Sat Nov 3rd – Is Trump for Real?


Saturday, November 3, 2018, 7pm Room FSS-1006
Is Trump for Real?

is trump for real
With the help of Steve Bannon and Cambridge Analytica, Trump has been groomed to appeal to a broad mass of people, at a time when the general public has lost faith in media and politics. Bannon has admitted to close associates that he modelled his campaign on the one crafted for Adolf Hitler, who was a puppet of dark forces, at the very least “like” those who created Trump. Through meticulous investigative journalism, John Hankey explores the reality of said claims, and how the media circus following Trump is but a strategy for dividing a “United” States.

1 hr 2 min

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa. room FSS-1006

(The Faculty of Social Sciences is located at 120 University Private (in between Vanier Hall and the Residential Complex).  If you stand in front of the Lamoureux Building, you can see the FSS tower behind the large tent-like structure.  FSS-1006 is on the first floor.)


Directions to FSS-1006 :


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