Sat Sept 29th – “Inside Peace”

Free Screening of Inside Peace Documentary

Saturday at 7 PM
122 University Private, Ottawa, Ontario
Social Sciences building at the University of Ottawa
room FSS-1006 (on the first floor)


The documentary illuminates the transition that takes place within prisoners’ lives after attending a 10-week Peace Education course given at the Dominguez State Jail, San Antonio, Texas. The course seems to have a profound effect on individuals by encouraging them to de-escalate and take responsibility for their own personal situations & lives. The prisoners in the film share their insights into the social and emotional forces that sent them onto the wrong path and offer the uplifting message that everybody has the possibility to change their lives around, no matter how difficult their situation. “Inside Peace” follows several of them after their release and shows the challenges ex inmates face in their efforts to reintegrate into society.

The showing will be followed by a discussion. Our guest, hip hop artist Raphaël Desil (aka Moun Fou), will join us to share his experience of rehabilitation.

Watch the trailer:

VENUE: uOttawa, 120 University Private, Social Sc. FSS-1006:


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